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17733 N. FM 1189
Lipan, TX 76462


Spotted Donkey Branding is a unique branding company based out of Texas. Focusing on making your brand stand above the rest. Specializing in branding, website design, event planning and graphic design. 

Spotted Donkey Blog

Spotted Donkey Branding is a unique branding company, although the Spotted Donkey Blog is a little bit about marketing, branding, life and home!



Jordan Snider

Growing up, I was often....well let me take that back, to this day I am called a smart-ass.  I tend to take that as a compliment.  But really, the question we get asked most is where our name came from?  My nephew, at the time was two, and there was nothing he wanted more than a blue spotted donkey. So if anyone happens to see a blue spotted donkey, please let me know as I have found they really don't exist.  But in all honesty, I love donkeys.  Having had one, they are a little stubborn, but I can relate! Here is why we love them and the fact that there is a wedding coming up, it didn't hurt to throw a little of that in there as well!