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17733 N. FM 1189
Lipan, TX 76462


Spotted Donkey Branding is a unique branding company based out of Texas. Focusing on making your brand stand above the rest. Specializing in branding, website design, event planning and graphic design. 

Spotted Donkey Blog

Spotted Donkey Branding is a unique branding company, although the Spotted Donkey Blog is a little bit about marketing, branding, life and home!


Indians...and Indians

Jordan Snider

Growing up, there was a wooden box that sat outside of our sheep wagon (yes, sheep wagon!) My dad comes from a large sheep ranch in Wyoming, although he might not admit that!) That wooden box, that sometimes was scary to open as you never know what creature was going to pop out of it and run across your hand, held a teepee.  Entirely not sure why we had this large canvas contraption, but when we were kids it was pretty fun to play cowboys and indians.  The older my brother and I got, the less it came out of the box. If I could only get that decrepit old wood box with that canvas contraption back. I would use it, for photography and to feel a little nostalgic!  


What a great way to help your little one celebrate their birthday, Cowboys and Indians is something that kids will never let go out of style. 


And for wedding, absolutely throw a teepee in there with some pillows. Little guests and big guests will love the idea!


The little one's rooms these days are filled with toys, toys, and well besides more toys, they are filled with electronics.  Why not place a teepee in their room for a little reading "nook" and a place to relax? I know that if there was a little nook like this in my house, you might not get me out of it!


If you think it is a little random to find a teepee inside, put it where it actually should go...outside. A nice little getaway from it all.  I know it might be weird that we love teepees, but not too far fetched from the love of donkeys right?